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How do I become an intern in your office?
Our office interviews and brings in interns based on the party schedule and subsequent staffing needs. An internship period at Elysium Weddings is typically 12 weeks but we welcome students who can only be with us a slightly shorter time period or if you want to work part time. Resumes can be submitted at anytime to and will be kept on file for consideration for up to 6 months.

I would love to work for Elysium Weddings. How do I get hired?
We are currently on the look out for patience minded, creative and exuberant planners, we welcome resumes at all times. Please feel free to submit your information to . All resumes are kept on file for consideration for up to 6 months.

I would love to sell your products in my store or sell my products on your website. Who do I contact?
Contact and a representative will be in touch with you.

How can I get started in event planning? What should I do to prepare for this career?
The best place to start is with an organization where you can learn the event industry in general and see what goes on behind the scenes at events.

Here are some ideas:

1) Perhaps this could be an internship or job in hospitality or with a d├ęcor rental company. This is often a fantastic view into events!

2) Finding a position where you will be able to experience the reality of the hours (which are often 7 days a week!), event setup and/or work the events in any capacity to see how it all comes together is key!

3) Don't be afraid to take a position with a quality caterer or hotel where you can work large events on a regular basis. Even answering the phones in the catering office can introduce you to some fantastic vendors and challenge you to learn how to problem solve for events. These are great learning opportunities and the experience gained will be invaluable!
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